How to Stick to a Diet

how to stick with a diet

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is, “How do I stick to my diet?”

Most recently Katy wrote,

“Dear Kristin, when I first start my diet plan I’m really motivated.  But very shortly thereafter, a few weeks into it, I tend to lose my motivation and I don’t want to stick with it anymore.  Once it starts getting hard I just give up.  Do you have any advice?

Love, Katy.”

I love Katy’s email because her dilemma is one most of us have faced or currently face when we’re working on getting into amazing shape.

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What’s the Right Diet and Exercise for my Body Shape?

What’s the Right Diet and Exercise for my Body Shape

Many women who come to me frustrated with their “problem areas” are looking for the right diet and exercise for their body shape.  Fortunately they’ve come to the right place!  Being a classic “pear shape” myself, I have a lot of experience sculpting my body from a small upper body and large lower body… to the hourglass figure I have today.   Read More →