Thank you, thank you, thank you! You inspired me to go for it, despite having 4 kids and all the craziness having kids does to one’s body.
— Sarah Korb

Debilitating Hot Flashes… Is this really happening to me?

Kristin Shaffer

I remember my mother going through them.

But I was young.

And at that time of course she seemed SO old.

She would be hot, then cold, then hot, then cold.  I seriously just thought she was different.

And now here I am… sleep deprived with a fan on my desk and a jug full of emergency ice water, contemplating moving my office to a walk in freezer, thinking to myself SERIOUSLY?????  Hot Flashes SUCK!

Typically I’m writing about things I know a whole lot about, sharing what I know with you.  But on this one I’m stumped, and I need your help.

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The Secret to Losing Weight

Kristin Shaffer Lose Weight Now

I remember years ago before I embarked on my journey to get my amazingly fit and sexy body, I kept wondering what the secret to weight loss was. Growing up I had watched my mother struggle with her weight. She went through the classic yo-yo dieting pattern. Lose the weight only to gain it all back again when she would give up after feeling deprived, and go on a mass junk food binge. The sugar seemed to soothe her emotions, but only for a bit. Afterwards she would slump into a deep depression and the cycle of self destruction continued. Read More →