Kristin ShafferAs the founder of FAB University and Figure & Bikini, where tens of thousands of women around the world now are improving their lives, my #1 goal is to give you the tools and techniques to allow you to become the best version of yourself.

Because at 48 years old I’m in the best shape of my life.

But it certainly wasn’t always that way.

I made all the mistakes. I did it all wrong.

I finally figured it all out.

And now I’m sharing it all with you.

My greatest same sex role model, my mother, struggled with low self esteem. Which I never understood because to me she was the most wonderful, most loving, smartest, most beautiful woman on the planet.

Instead of taking prescription medication she self-medicated.

Her drug of choice?


And of course so did I eventually – because that’s what made sense to me – that was my comfort.

But it never really soothed. At least not any longer than the few minutes it took me to consume my sugar drug.

The results of course showed on the outside with weight gain, cellulite, aches and pains, and health issues.

My own personal struggle cycle mirrored that of my mother, looking like this:

-Troublesome emotional event trigger

– Negative self talk

– Depression

– Sugar binges

– Self loathing

– Determination to improve

– Crash diet and exercise plan

– Rebound with troublesome emotional event

– Repeat…. over and over and over

This never ending cycle was destroying my body and my life.

It wasn’t until my mid thirties I committed to getting to the root of the cycle, stopping it once and for all, and taking care of myself, loving myself, for the REST of my life.

And I did.

One of the most important things my mother taught me (she was a brilliant high school math teacher) was that I need to take what I perceive as negative experiences and use those experiences in positive ways to help others.

She taught me that negative experiences are gifts from the universe.

She taught me that I was to experience these things so I COULD help others, which is a gift, and a privilege, to be treasured.

And so now I have dedicated years to helping women all over the globe achieve their dreams through overcoming ingrained patterns of self destruction and giving them the tools to become the very best version of themselves, for the REST of their life.

It truly is an honor, and a privilege.

Thank you Mom. I love you. <3

Facts about me

I love to serve and to be of service. It’s what makes me tick.

I have learned everything I know from decades of trial and error, watching and learning from the best. I have so many to thank for sharing their knowledge and love.

I’m a mom I’m an employee.

I keep up a house.

I do my best to serve at my highest capacity.

What I’m not:

A doctor or a “certified” personal trainer. Check out my video on so-called “certified” personal trainers for more information on that topic and of course always see a physician before trying and new diet and exercise program.



Kristin Shaffer

National Level Bikini Competitor 2016, 2015, 2014

-2016 1st Place Idaho Muscle Classic Masters Bikini 45+

-2014 2nd Place Emerald Cup  in Masters Bikini 40+

-2013 1st Place Emerald Cup in Masters Bikini 40+

-2013 3rd Place NPC Vancouver Natural in Masters Bikini 40+

-2012 3rd Place NGA Northwest Natural in Masters Class

-4th Place in Open Height Class-2007 NGA Northwest Natural 3rd Place in Open Height Class

-3rd Place in Masters Class

-Feature in Oxygen Magazine’s Anniversary Issue

Oxygen Anniversary Issue Kristin Shaffer cover

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