Healthy Chocolate Protein Pancakes – Delicious!


Who says clean eating has to be boring?

With just a little creativity… you can have delicious recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying on plan.

Here is one of my personal favorites… healthy chocolate protein pancakes.

A GREAT weekend morning treat!

With love,


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  • Hi Kristin! I stumbled upon your site and really love it! I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time and expense to put together so much great information. ! My 10-year old daughter and I have been enjoying your videos. She made your pancakes tonight all by herself and really liked them. Keep up the great work!

    • Valerie thank you SOOOOO much for sending your loving words! And what a wonderful thing to do to share that with your daughter. It sounds like you and she have a relationship much like me and my son. There truly is no greater joy for me than spending time with him.

      If you ever have a suggestion on a topic you would like me to cover please let me know.

      With love,


  • Kristen was just trying to give us a healthy meal alternative, stop with the food police!

  • why throw away the egg yolks? They contain the most valuable protein.
    they won’t make you gain weight. rather leave that pan spray away and instead use the yolks.

    • Yolks are very calorie dense so I therefore do not usually add them to my egg whites. For my first meal of the day I prefer carbohydrates as a source of energy rather than fats. Additionally, I currently prefer almonds as my healthy fat source. In other words, there is no reason other than personal preference and calorie density to not eat the egg yolks. With love ~Kristin

  • That sounds like an unwanted cheat meal.
    That pudding stuff is highly processed.
    Real binge trigger

    • Great point and certainly could be a trigger if one is prone to that. As I mentioned in my video about “cheat meals” it’s very individualistic. This meal has never been a trigger for me… perhaps because I put so little of the pudding in my pancakes and it’s sugar free. Thanks so much for your thoughts! With love ~Kristin