I Am Pear Shaped, How Can I Lose Weight?

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Hi Kristin.  I’ve been watching your videos and was amazed at the changes you underwent in just 10 weeks. My husband and I want to transform ourselves by May 1st so that gives us about 11 weeks to get it done. We are interested in cleaning up our diets and incorporating some of the simple ideas you offered. I am 125 pounds and 5 feet 3 inches tall. I generally run between 10 and 15 miles a week, though that has slowed over the last few months due to the cold weather. I am not a gym member, but I do have hand weights of varying sizes that I can incorporate with lunges and squats. I’d love ideas from you on the kinds of exercise to do at home to get similar results to yours. I know a diet is only part of the equation. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am pear shaped and carry a lot of excess weight in my butt, thighs and hips. I am also somewhat muscular (underneath my blanket of fat). I need direction.. as I have never accomplished this goal. I was down to 117 last summer, but it wasn’t enough to give me the phenomenal results you mentioned!! I have to put a bathing suit on in May in front of our friends and neighbors. Nightmare thought for me.

Please help me.  ~ Kristie


Even though it’s really difficult to make an assessment without photos, details about your diet and exercise currently, and your overall lifestyle, you did give me some nuggets of information that helps a lot and I will make some assumptions based on those.

First, you mentioned you’re a runner, you’re pear-shaped, and that while you don’t go to a gym, you have hand weights at home that you could perform lunges and squats.  I want to focus for a moment on the “runner”, “pear shaped”, and “lunges and squats” aspects of your email.

Kristie what I oftentimes see with pear shaped women (I am one myself) is that we mistakenly think that since we’re pear-shaped and carry our fat in our butt, legs and thighs, that we have to work on those areas in order to slim them down.  But that couldn’t be furthest from the truth.

What we wind up doing is building muscle in our butt, legs and thighs, while neglecting our upper body.  In the absence of a consistently clean caloric-deficit diet we inadvertently actually build muscle (and therefore size) in our lower half while our upper half shrinks.

In effect, we exacerbate the problem.

And with you, since you mentioned you do have a lot of muscle under the fat, I’m going to make the assumption here that most of that muscle is located in your lower half.  “Runner”… “pear shaped”… focusing on “lunges and squats”?




My first tip therefore is to really focus on weight training your upper body to create more balance.  You need to build up, widen, and thicken your entire upper body to create that bikini body, proportioned, hour-glass look you are seeking.

Weight train one body group per day.





3-4 exercises per body group.  3 sets per exercise + 1 warm up set.   8-12 reps per set.  And this all can be done at home.  No need for at gym.

One of the Sexy Body program grads, Diane, had great success with the at home exercises and she was a pear-shape just like you.  It can be done.

If you have hand weights, oftentimes as women, we have like 5 pounds, 10 pounds. Well, as you get stronger, you’re going to need to get up into the 15-pound, 20, 25-pound range. Therefore, you NEED to get yourself a home set of dumbbells, because you mentioned that you don’t have a gym membership. That will get you up into that range. Now, you could buy something on Craigslist. That’s a great way to do it, or you can look for the Bowflex SelectTech. That’s one of my favorite home adjustable weight sets.

The second thing I want to focus on is your choice of cardiovascular exercise.


Think of a marathon runner’s body for a minute.  I mean in general.

They are long, lean, and don’t carry much muscle mass.  They are largely not very shapely because of that.

Now before everyone freaks out when I say “not very shapely”… I‘m not saying this is a bad thing or their body type is not desirable.  But in the context of Kristie’s request, this isn’t a desirable body shape for her.  She DESIRES a bikini body.

Moving on…

So when we practically look at classic marathon runner’s bodies, we can come to the easy conclusion that it’s going to be very difficult to add the muscle you’re seeking in your upper body to create that bikini body you’re desiring.



Long distance running, or steady state cardio for long periods of time, can make it very challenging to build shapely muscularity.

Therefore, consider switching out your distance running for shorter periods of cardiovascular HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) such as sprints, where you alternate from high intensity to low intensity.

HIIT has been proven to be a wonderful fat-burning, muscle-building cardio.

Just look at a sprinter’s body in comparison to a marathon runner’s body.  I rest my case.  🙂

For my last bit of advice I want to hone right in on your comment about diet.

You mentioned “diet is only part of the equation”.

But Kristie, diet is the MOST important part of the equation.

Without a consistently clean diet that’s in a caloric deficit to what you’re expending, no amount of training on the planet will give you the look you’re seeking.

So for Tip #3 you really need to take a hard and fast look at how effective your eating habits are.



For my third tip – I want to focus in on the fact, again, that you’re PEAR shaped and what you said about eating, that it’s only PART OF THE EQUATION.

The clean eating is a HUGE part of the equation. IT’S GIGANTIC!!! It’s 70, 80 percent of the equation. In order to get that bikini body that you desire, you’re really going to have to focus in on your CLEAN EATING. You need:

  • Lean Proteins
  • Healthy Fats
  • Complex Carbohydrates
  • YOU HAVE to have a calorie deficit

You NEED to be taking in LESS calories than you’re burning. The KEY here is CONSISTENCY

And it’s not as complicated as you might think to plan your meals to achieve this.  If you want a place to start, check out my video Healthy Meals in Minutes – The Single Best Way to Lose Weight for a step by step tutorial.  It’s one of my most popular videos because you literally can get started on your journey today with this tutorial. ☺

Yo-yo dieting simply does not work. Now, what I know, based on the nuggets of information that were provided to me is – that this is an area that you’re probably struggling with. The REASON I can say that with confidence is BECAUSE you’re already exercising (I can tell that ☺) and you’ve gained back some of the weight that you lost before. That’s probably due mostly because of your diet. So out of all of these tips, that’s the BIGGEST THING that you’re going to have to focus on.

The second piece of that is that being a pear shape simply DOES NOT MATTER when it comes to your diet and fat loss. All that being pear shaped MEANS is that the FIRST PLACE we put it on is in our lower body, our lower half. The LAST PLACE to take it off is ALSO in our lower half. If we were an apple shape, it would be around your middle section. If we were more of a broccoli shape, it would be up top where you would hold more weight. It simply DOES NOT MATTER where we’re carrying it. 15 pounds of fat is 15 pounds of fat no matter what!

The key to understanding about being a pear shape where we carry it is that that is going to be the last place you take it off, so you’re going to look amazing in your upper body. You ARE going to be ripped and YOU ARE still going to be carrying some fat in your lower body. All that means is you just have got to keep going. YOU WILL TAKE IT OFF. You just have to have trust and confidence in the process and stay consistent.

So, that wraps up today’s topic of being pear shaped and having difficulty in losing the excess weight in that particular area. I REALLY hope you enjoyed reading this article and you got some value out of it. If you DID, please make sure to leave a comment below.

I look forward to reading more emails and getting more ideas from you guys about topics to discuss and I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT to talk with you again soon! 

With love,



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  • Hi Kristin,

    Definitely informative and eye catching, keep up the articles it helps lots of us who are not sure what to do and just get frustrated and do nothing.

    Question: My body type is more apple, but pear too. I am 5’2″ and have muscular legs from all the 11 years of ballet. I weight about 175lbs and overtime I try to exercise I just seem to gain more weight than before. i have started to walk 4-6 days a week to help get me in shape and started to use weights to build muscle to help rid of unnecessary weight. My question is I should focus on heavier weights for upper body and lighter weights for lower body and continue to try and walk 2-4 miles daily? Or should I incorporate some interval training?

    As far as eating I am working on lean protein and veggies, what is recommend and trying to keep calories around 350-500 less daily.


    Please help, thank you much.


  • Hi I want to lean out my stubby chunky legs .ive read I should practice marathon training so I tried running *3 a week for 3/4 months for 60+minutes on the treadmill and saw no difference .

    • Anne thank you for your comment. While any sort of exercise is very important to leaning out, diet is key and is the element that most of us don’t pay enough attention to. With love ~Kristin <3

  • Hi Kristin,
    Love your site!! I am 8 weeks out from my first Bikini Competition at just about 44 years old. I am in decent shape but…of course the butt/thighs/lower abs are difficult to get rid of. Someone told me to cut carbs but I know I have read from your website and a few others that cutting carbs isn’t the answer but I think I may cut back one serving and most of the time I have them before 2 pm (which worked in the past). I also want to increase my cardio and I did very well with more cardio when trying to lose BF (but I didn’t have a great deal of muscle) but lost some cellulite. My diet is clean and I don’t cheat at all because my body is sensitive and I won’t even be close to where I want to be on competition day. Thank you!

    • Lynette thank you so much for your very kind words and how exciting about your first competition! Since you purchased my program please feel free to ask me any questions along the way. 🙂

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

      With love,

  • Great advice for pear shaped women. Could you give some direction to a thin framed, but apple shaped gal? Bountiful breast and a bit of fullness in the middle? Would I stress more lower body and less upper or vice versa? I love your wit and straight forwardness. You inspire me to keep on doing as your plan states.

    • Thank you for your kind words! I appreciate it. :):)

      Since you described yourself as “thin framed” I’m going to assume that means you’re not carrying a whole lot of muscle all the way around then. As an apple, you tend to gain fat first and mostly around the middle. Therefore, what you’ll need to do is work both your upper and lower body to build muscle, and just watch not to do many, if any, side abdominal exercise, which would tend to “thicken” you around the middle.

      I hope that helps!

      With love,


  • Kristin,
    I have a question. Is there a reason why you use egg whites from whole eggs, instead of liquid egg whites from a carton? Thanks!

    • I forgot to add that I purchased your contest prep e-book and love it! It is so practical. The section on weight lifting is fantastic. I have purchased other programs and the sections on lifting weights always have odd, useless Barbie -type exercises. I find your research and advice about training and nutrition to be spot-on. I have an M.D. and can detect when I am reading garbage, and your info is pure gold. You really know your stuff!

      • Oh Valerie that’s wonderful! I’m so pleased you are getting so much value from it. It’s my intention to provide an outstanding program that’s simple to follow, convenient for our busy lifestyles, and most of all works.

        I truly appreciate you taking the time to let me know how you feel about my program. You made my weekend!

        With love,


    • Great question! The liquid egg whites in a carton usually have some unwanted additives like preservatives. Therefore I tend to stick to fresh eggs for that reason. Although I recently did see liquid egg whites that were 100% pure egg whites without any additives. Just watch the labels. 🙂

      With love,


  • Thanks Kristin – Great advice! I love your program!!!!!

    • You’re VERY welcome Kristie!

      With love,

  • Another great one Kristin. I do have a question though. What if I have really muscular legs AND a muscular upper body but my legs are really big with mostly muscle not fat.

    • And another GREAT question! Thank you for this one.

      For individuals like you who have a lot of muscle all over, but are “out of proportion” to what you’re trying to achieve, you’re going to need to train your legs very little and when you do you should do light weights. Nothing heavy that will potentially build more muscle on top of what you already have. Over time you should be able to “downsize” that way.

      I hope that helps!

      With love,

      • I really loved reading this article!! I have a similar issue which I would be glad if you can help me with.
        I’m pear shaped of 118 lbs, 5 ft 2″ and 30% body fat (age 28). I carry most of the fat in my hips and thighs.
        I have relatively very less muscle mass all over and more fat.
        I’m training hard from 2 yrs with weights and eat clean around 1600 calories (160g protein, 170 g carbs, 58 g of fat).
        The fat % doesn’t drop. I want to take most of the extra fat off and replace them with muscles instead.
        What would be the best strategy to achieve my goal?
        I sometimes feel that I’m cursed to be this way. Please help me.

  • Love this! Awesome Kristin!

    • So glad you like Angie! Thanks for letting me know!

      With love,