I Love Food Too Much To Diet – Kristin Shaffer TEDx Talk

TEDx Kristin Shaffer

If I only had a dollar for every time someone said this after looking into my grocery cart or watching a video on preparing healthy meals for the week:

“Kristin I couldn’t do what you do… I love food too much.”

Ah yes I would be a wealthy woman indeed!

But what’s interesting about this statement, is that I didn’t hear this just a mere 15 years ago.

There has been a change in perception about what we think “food” is and how a diet like mine, which would have been considered “rich” in the 1960’s, today is deemed to “lack in variety” and is not “food”.

That means something has changed in our society.   There has been a shift in perspective that has gone largely unnoticed, and undiscussed, until now.

A couple of weeks ago I had the distinct honor and privilege of speaking at the prestigious TEDx event at the University of Idaho to address this startling shift in the way we view food and how it’s absolutely contributing to the astronomical obesity levels in the United States in particular.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Congrats Kristin!

    • Thank you! With love ~Kristin

  • Congratulations on giving a TEDx talk! Thrilled for you 🙂 I loved what you spoke about: this is food, and it’s even tons of food, so why are people saying ‘I couldn’t, I love “food” too much’. Ppl have been saying that to me for years in the West when I load up on vegetarian items at the store, but if I buy typical American foods no one says anything. In Taiwan where vegetarianism is big, no one said a word about the same food items. Thx to you I see the dichotomy of that now: this is food with real variety. What’s in your cart?

    • Thanks Katharine! So wonderful to hear from you!

      That’s very interesting about your experience in Taiwan. I guess that’s why they are so healthy huh.

      Generally my grocery list consists of tons of chicken, eggs, lean ground turkey, bags and bags of frozen veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, onions, bell peppers, celery, etc), rolled oats, almonds, and sweet potatoes. Okay, now I’m hungry for my next meal. YUM! 🙂

      With love,


  • Wow, thank you! and so Happy to see you on Ted! I really think the “sugar” issue, though the populace is more aware has been substituted largely with sucralose. It kills me that it’s in kids foods now too! And mom’s buying pre-packaged foods are opting for the “lower sugar” or “only 4g of sugar” Better than Oats (for ex) options… How do you suggest we re-train our taste buds? Especially for those new to cutting sugar and refined corn/wheat/soy products?
    For disclosure here, I too have really struggled with “flavoring” my food with stevia! What’s your take on that? Cut it out if you’re competing or do you see it harmless. There is the whole idea of using things like honey and maple syrup but when macros count does the sweet just have to go?
    Thanks again for your awesome site and community! Wish you were in Boise! 🙂

    • Hi Celeste! Thanks so much!!!!

      I use liquid Stevia right up to stage time, and really copious amounts of it. I put it in everything from my coffee, to water, to oatmeal, to eggs. LOL

      I really would watch the honey and maple syrup… actually if it were me I wouldn’t have any of that as it can slow your fat loss progress.

      I hope that helps!

      With love,


  • Oh my gosh its so good to hear I’m not the only one experiencing this!!! Ever since I started your sexy body plan I get this all the time from my coworkers. Drives me batty!!! They see me losing these stupid fat pounds. They see I’m happy and healthy. Yet they think I am somehow deprived because I don’t eat all the garbage they eat. It’s SO FRUSTRATING Kristin. Any advice?

    Love your videos so much!!!!! I like this format too by the way. I hope this gets shared on social media. People need to hear this message.

    • You’re definitely not alone!

      I think the best way to handle it is to just keep doing your thing. Smile with grace and poise and live your best life.

      We certainly can’t change others but we can influence by doing what we do best.

      Thanks for all your loving words and support.

      With love,


  • Awesome job Kristin!!! I love you so much and your perspective on health in the fitness industry. You hold yourself so well and speak so well too.
    Thank you for being who you are. Love you so much.

    • Wow thank you Amy!!! I’m humbled! I appreciate you taking the time to say such nice things. You made my night and inspire me to keep doing the best I can.

      With love,


  • Hi Kristin, Great talk! Sharing on facebook so hopefully the people who are always saying things like that to me will learn what their “variety” really consists of. Thanks!

    • Thanks Cindy!!! Hopefully it’ll spark some discussion. Even though I do hear those words all the time I’m still in awe every time I do. Particularly when I’m prepping for a competition, like I am at the moment, is when I hear it even more. Just the other day someone really close to me said, “Well when you can eat again we should…” which amazes me since he’s well aware of the quantity, quality, and variety of food I consume (I eat more than he does and a greater variety of food and tastes as well). But since it’s not pizza, sweets and processed foods he holds the perception that somehow I’m deprived of “food” and “variety”. So interesting to me…

      With love,


  • I just found you on YouTube. I “took the chance” and ate like you suggest, & I have a pear shaped figure. Society has been pushing low carb and low fat consists of processed food. Thanks for pushing real food!

    • So glad you found me Gina! Time and consistency are our biggest friends when it comes to eating “clean” and getting into the best shape of our lives.

      Please do check back in and let me know how it’s going.

      With love,


  • Love it Kirstin. Needs to be talked about. Thank you for starting the discussion.

    Great job!


    • Thanks so much Jen! It’s exciting to me to see others starting to talk about this.

      With love,


  • Kristin congrats on your TEDx talk!!! how cool and super informative!

    • Thank you Amy! So glad you enjoyed! It was great fun and what an honor.

      With love,