Oven EXPLODES! Not Even That will Derail Your Diet Plan (with the right mindset)

Exploding ovens and two-minute breakfasts that look like something the dog threw up, but it tastes good. Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks.  If I had any reason to not cook my meals, this week was it!

My oven literally exploded.

No joke.



After the initial panic and the smoke cleanup, well, then I had to think about how am I going to cook my meals? Because that’s precisely what I was in the middle of doing.

Fortunately, I have a barbecue so I was able to get my chicken done, but then when the morning came, egg whites is a little difficult to do without a stove.

So what do we do?


  • 36 grams of oatmeal mixed with my six egg whites, stick it in the microwave.
  • Put a plate over it so it doesn’t explode. (We don’t need any more of those.)
  • Two minutes on high. Careful when you take it out because it’s super hot.
  • Add some Stevia. Stir it so it doesn’t look exactly like something your dog would throw up.

And voila! You have something that tastes incredible, and it fits right into your clean eating lifestyle.

No excuses!

With love,


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