Is a Diet High in Protein Bad for You?

is a high protein diet bad | kristin shaffer

I’m often asked if a diet higher in protein is bad for you, particularly since diets higher in protein are oftentimes recommended for weight loss.  And much of the information you’ll read in the news headlines can be very confusing.  Today we take a look at one such story.
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Training for an NPC National Level Bikini Competition

NPC Bikini Nationals Kristin Shaffer

I’m a huge proponent of shooting for a bikini competition as a weight loss goal.  It’s one of the best motivators I think there can be to get ourselves into shape, especially as we age.  When you think about it just setting a goal of “trying to lose weight” for most of us is usually just not enough to motivate us to stick with clean eating and exercise.  We have to have something more concrete than that.
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