You’ve Tried Everything and Still Can’t Lose Weight?

Today I reveal to you the top three reasons that people aren’t achieving their goal even when they think they’re doing everything right and they have tried literally everything….

I wish I knew how many times I’ve heard from women just like you that have said, you know, “I’m doing everything I can. I think I’m doing everything right, and I still can’t lose weight.”

I heard an analogy the other day that pertains to goal-setting and goal achievement, and I thought, you know, this is perfectly suited to this topic that we’re gonna talk about. And that analogy is this – if you put coordinates into a GPS and you have those coordinates off just every so slightly (say by one digit), you can have your course going exactly the way you’re supposed to be going but wind up at a destination that’s light years from where you wanted to be  And this couldn’t be anymore true when it comes to weight loss. You may be doing most everything right, but if you’ve got maybe one major thing wrong, you’re not going to achieve your goal.

Starting with number three, it’s when you think you’ve done and tried everything and nothing works.  I guarantee you, you haven’t tried everything because, if you’re watching this right now, you likely haven’t tried my Sexy Body program because, quite frankly, it works. 🙂

But, putting that aside, you know most programs will work if you give it enough time. You just simply give up too soon. And how much time is that? Well, six weeks at a bare minimum. Bare minimum for you to really start to see some sizable changes. (No pun.)

The second most common reason that I see is that people think they’re eating healthy foods that will promote weight loss, but they’re eating foods that actually might be healthy but they don’t necessarily help you to lose weight. A great example of this is milk and milk products. I have a wonderful video about that whole topic and it was very controversial. You can see that here.  I encourage you to check that out. Another great example is protein bars and protein shakes. A lot of protein bars and protein shakes are actually very high in sugar. That’s something to watch out for. And then, believe it or not, fruit. You see a ton of individuals that put a lot of fruit in their diet, and they’re not losing weight and they don’t understand why.  Fruits are healthy for us. They’re healthy for our bodies, but they don’t necessarily help us to lose weight.

And then lastly, the number one reason that I see that the ladies are really struggling to lose weight when they think they’re doing everything right is that you’re actually lying to yourself. Yes, you heard me on that one.

Harsh? Mm-hmm, but true.

Yeah, most of us do this at some point in our lives. We’re lying to ourselves when we say, “Look, I’ve been on this plan for a certain amount of time, and I’m just not seeing a result. I’m doing everything I was supposed to do.” What is more likely the case is that maybe you did the plan for three or four days and then you took a break, and then you went back on the plan and then you took another break and you ate a bunch of junk food.  That is very, very, very typical.  And so the key there is to get honest with yourself because until you admit to yourself what’s really happening, you’re not gonna be able to make the sustained changes that you need to make to lose weight and keep it off for life.

And one of the ways to help you change this…and I talk about this in length in my Sexy Body program, with my Bikini Competition ebook, and with my up-and-coming PEARfect Weight Loss ebook for pear shape women like myself. Well, one of the ways to deal with this is to have a visible representation of when you are actually sticking with it and when you’re not. The way I promote to do that is to have a calendar on one piece of paper, a whole year, and you check off the days that you’re actually sticking with it and you put a big old X on the days that you didn’t. It’s a wonderful visual representation of how honest you’re being with yourself and, trust me, that’s huge. It makes a world of a difference because then that allows us to really stop lying to ourselves, to get real about what’s really happening, and then we can start to change the wiring as far as do we really want to reach our goals and what it takes to do that. We got to give it enough time.

As always I want to hear from you.  Let me know what you think!

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